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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes our policies on the collection and use of your information when you use the app.
Personal information
On the first startup, EZ Notification Forwarder will check for the "userNotificationListener" permission through standard Universal Windows Platform API and ask for approval. If denied or ignored, no data at all will be collected on your device. If approved, the app will start listening in the background for Window notifications. The application reads textual information from your Windows 10/11 notifications and forwards it immediately to configured http-Server URLs. The app itself does not persist any notification data to the file system as long as the "dump notification" setting is deactivated. If you decide to turn on the "dump notification" feature, then all notifications received from the Windows Notification Center will be dumped into the downloads folder of the current user as json files in clear text and human readable format. The json files may contain sensitive information. Therefore, the "dump notification" feature should be turned only in a safe environment. All other notification information is held only in memory for the purpose to filter out new notifications from already forwarded ones. Other data persisted to the file system is limited to the configuration settings. The configuration settings include the app's specific settings. Users shall be aware, that the optionally entered credentials for forwarding targets with basic authentication are stored unencrypted as plain text along with other settings in the user profile.
Third parties
The app is not using any third party services. All data is stored locally within user's profile or OneDrive roaming app data storage. It will never be sent to neither the app developer nor any third party. Of course, the purpose of this app is to forward the notification's textual content to any configured destination http server. The user should be aware of the security implications of any data transmitted over the network. Thus, it's strongly advised to forward the notification data only to http servers on the local network. When transmitting to http servers over public internet network any transmitted data can potentially be read and modified by means of "man in the middle attacks", even when using secure protocols such as https.
Technical information
The EZ Notification Forwarder App forwards Windows Notifications ("Toasts") from your Windows device to any http server through the RESTful API calls. The app requires network access in order to forward the notifications. It only connects and uploads data to the configured targets.
Statistical information
Since the app is listed in online Microsoft Store, a small set of non-identifiable information can be sent to Microsoft for statistical information about app usage, device type and capabilities.
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