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matas consulting


matas consulting was founded by Tomislav Matas in 2007. Before foundation of matas consulting, Tomislav has developed customized data processing solutions for databases and cross-platform data exchange form more than 15 years. An additional focus of his work is developing and configuring interfaces for existing systems. A full-service developer, he works on all phases of data processing projects, from definition through specification, implementation to maintenance, and training. He brings an integrated approach, combining both system analysis and system development.


Following his training at Akademie für Datenverarbeitung (the Academy for Data Processing), in Böblingen, Germany he worked for leading enterprises, providing highest-quality solutions to a wide range of customers. He was a freelance system developer for Mannesmann Mobilfunk in Dusseldorf, Karstadt HQ in Essen, and for Bayerische Rückversicherung, Reuters, and Bertelsmann mediaSystems, all in Munich. He spent nearly two years working for KarstadtQuelle-Versicherungen in Nuremberg and several months each as freelance system developer for vodafone D2 in Dusseldorf, Triumph International in Budapest, Standard Life in Frankfurt, and DB Systems in Stuttgart. In January 2005, he returned to debitel in Stuttgart where he had already been an intern and freelancer during his training in the mid-1990s.


In October 2007, after seventeen months as Senior Developer at :a:k:t: Informationssysteme in Passau, finally, he founded matas consulting. Please visit to read about Tomislav‘s activities prior to founding of matas consulting.


Now matas consulting‘s main areas of operation are, on the one hand, audio/video, IPTV, broadcast, web video, and multimedia consultancy, and reselling MainConcept products on the other.


During its many years of successful work delivering MainConcept Technology and Services to clients around the world, matas consulting has established a large and growing network of suppliers and skilled international developers. All of them possess an in-depth knowledge of virtually every A/V Standard in general and of MainConcept Technology in particular.